Updates, Stages, Prognosis, Treatment

I have sort of neglected the blog as between work cancer and my personal life and tests I haven’t had too much time. As of now I am diagnosed with Stage III Cancer and have been given a 56% chance of survival by the suggested odds.

The tumor as current is inoperable without crippling my leg. They also believe it is in process of spreading. I am now being treated by Dr Andrew Pecora of the John Thereur Cancer center.  My planned treatment regiment is as follows:

Adriamycin/Doxrubicin & Ifsofamide 4 days in patient. 3 days of 24 hour treatment then coming back in 21 days. 3 Cycles for 3 months. Hopefully reducing the size of the tumor and attacking microscopic spread preemptively. They are also combining treatment with Sutent. Then the plan is surgery. I start treatment Monday,

I plan on burning cancer cells and c hewing bubble gum and I am all out of bubblegum,



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