Sarcoma Awareness/WSOP Bucket Tour Part # 1 Las Vegas 6-13-2019

So I am going to summarize the trip here:

Getting to Vegas:The trip, we drove 8 houts down from Sacramento, it was uneventful but the scenery was something that if you are from the east coast you not have seen before. We did have a problem with my powerchair. We called Joe at get around mobility and he had a chair waiting for us and even repaired my chair free of charge. GET AROUND MOBILITY is a great cusomter orientated business in Las Vegas if you are in need of a wheel chair.

Vegas itself – Played in 7 WSOP events 1 for 7 (-$6500 )

Won $1500 in sports and $7000 in blackjack (+8500 )

Spent $1500 on hotels, another $4000 on sightseeing shows etc.

So all in all tthe trip cost about $4500 plus gas and rental and some other stuff im missing, I would say $6000 i am lighter then when I got here. Not bad overall. Had my first cash and met my poker hero Phil Helmuth. Found a sponsor for the Main Event.

My Health, some decline but I would say I am still 87% Healthy.

Overall a great time and will be back next week for the main event.

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