Who Am I & How Long Have I Been Diagnosed With Sarcoma Cancer

Hello Readers, Strangers, Friends, Adventurers, The Scared, The Bored & Family members and friends of these groups. Not intentionally leaving anyone out but I think you get the general picture. All of those who have found here are welcome here.

My name is Kevin. I am a 34 year old husband, a father of an 8 year old boy. I am a hard working entrepreneur and pragmatic dreamer. I own a small company with my life partner and (far) better half and grind out a modest living working 80 hour weeks like anyone else in possession of both the will or stupidity; and/or both in ample enough supply to think it would be easier to launch their own business then work a regular job.

Now to the million dollar question how long have I had cancer, I don’t really know. I had a lump I was told by the first doctor it was probably a muscle tear and that my leg was bad let me know if I was Derek Jeter that someone might do something about it.

I found an orthopedic surgeon in August when the lump started becoming painful and leaning on nerves. MRI looked good I was told. This was in September 2017. I asked if it was something I could put off a few months and was advised it wouldn’t likely matter.¬†Surgery was scheduled for Dec 4th.¬† During follow up appointment in November 2017 the Dr. pointed out that it was double the size of what it was on the MRI from a few months ago. He said he guessed he would go ahead with the surgery since it was a large mass that didn’t look cancerous but did acknowledge it was a possibility.

I found out 5 days ago based on a preliminary report and technically was diagnosed just yesterday. Someone finally found my pathology results which I assume were lost in space or time or some combination of both. I assume this not because I am some grousing and impatient person whose life view had just been altered but because the lab said they sent the results to my doctor Friday. This mated with the fact that important test results seem to still be sent by fax or morse code lead to some lost days and agita.

I have been diagnosed with a High Grade undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma.

Sarcoma is a rare cancer, so rare in fact that there are almost no doctors that are “Orthopedic oncologists” which are the only ones who have a specialty in this kind of cancer apparently. The office applied for and received a GAP EXCEPTION since there are no in network doctors who can treat me. My appointment is Friday.

Stay Tuned,

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