Kevin here human pin cushion and cytotoxic petrie dish. I am currently on a 3rd and then a 4th cycle of a new 2nd line outpatientĀ  chemo Gemzar/Taxotere protocol cause they seem to have decided that the hospital isn’t for me but my sarcoma is chemo sensitive

The initial treatments did show what they are calling a partial response. One section of tumor shows signs of cell necrosis via signal change on the MRI test. The original surgeon wanted more chemo and then to reassess.

I have went for a second opinion from Dr James Wittig surgical oncology VP of John Theurer who thought I needed 4 weeks radiation therapy added to my treatment. Thought I was a candidate for a “cure”.

He believes in pre-operative radiation and a possibility of the multilple modality leading to the death of the primary tumor (defined as 90% + cell necrosis.) being my best prognostic result anatomically.

I will undergo another round of gemzar/Taxotere and attempt to coordinate the treatment with the radiation therapy. Followed by 6 weeks off treatment and then surgery. Provided still no signs of spread.


Till next time,

Kevin Racks

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