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So today the doctor who will be seeing me for a consultation had his staff reach out to confirm some details. They said they will need the slides. They tell me to contact the surgeon who tells me to contact the lab. The lab tells me to contact the doctor I am going to see so they can request the slides.

Since having the bombshell dropped on me and basically being kicked to the street by the original surgeon I know nothing of this, WTF are slides I try to figure out. Why am I the person who is supposed to find them?

This is going well. This is why all the websites advise that you need to be your own most avid advocate for your care because medical offices do not necessarily communicate seamlessly.  Like everything else you are going to need to make a lot of calls and do your best to stay polite and not annoy those you need to help you. People in these fields seem (mostly) very compassionate.

I have printed the packets and see (Dr. Benevenia) at 8am tomorrow for the first time as a cancer patient. Its amazing how you can go from one day unworried about your mortality and the next day have an expiration date. I guess all we can do right now is wait to see what the doctor thinks tomorrow, what tests I will need etc.

So a week later I have no plan other then the one layed out for me by my referring doctor and the infinite wisdom of my insurance company. I am at least one step closer to starting to get a real handle on the severity of my condition now that the first surgeon performed a questionable act by not delaying my surgery due to the growth rate for a less invasive biopsy. Sigh. hindsight….

More tomorrow.



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