22 days and counting:

At this point having completed 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation treatment they are going to re-scan me in 2 weeks, if I show now signs of progression they will then operate to remove some or all of my Upper leg depending on the results of the MRI.

I have Dr James Wittig who is the best doctor in this procedure on earth doing the operation so I am optimistic. Recovery will be 3 months to 6 months depending on severity followed by more chemo and physical therapy.

Scans will be read on the 18th of Jun



Kevin here human pin cushion and cytotoxic petrie dish. I am currently on a 3rd and then a 4th cycle of a new 2nd line outpatient¬† chemo Gemzar/Taxotere protocol cause they seem to have decided that the hospital isn’t for me but my sarcoma is chemo sensitive

The initial treatments did show what they are calling a partial response. One section of tumor shows signs of cell necrosis via signal change on the MRI test. The original surgeon wanted more chemo and then to reassess.

I have went for a second opinion from Dr James Wittig surgical oncology VP of John Theurer who thought I needed 4 weeks radiation therapy added to my treatment. Thought I was a candidate for a “cure”.

He believes in pre-operative radiation and a possibility of the multilple modality leading to the death of the primary tumor (defined as 90% + cell necrosis.) being my best prognostic result anatomically.

I will undergo another round of gemzar/Taxotere and attempt to coordinate the treatment with the radiation therapy. Followed by 6 weeks off treatment and then surgery. Provided still no signs of spread.


Till next time,

Kevin Racks

Chemo Brain – Treatments – Updates, Musings

I wanted to take a second to update this on the chance that some of you are following. I went in for 4 days Jan 29th to Feb 2nd. I took the treatments very well and had a temporary PICC line set to receive them. My only side effects seem to be irritability related. They call it chemo brain, and its a change to the function of your brain due to neurotoxicity of chemo. I am mad, also maybe stupid, thanks…lol

Saw Dr Pecora my Medical Oncologist, they had nothing prognostic to tell me. They won’t know until they see if there is a response to the chemo. I started taking Sutent Sunitib Malate as advised by my doctor as well. I still have no side effects but know its very possible they will be setting in soon as everyone keeps reminding me lol.

Next in for chemo more DOXORUBICIN/IFOSAMIDE/MESNA on continuous injection for 4 days. I should be really sick by then too so Dilly Dilly. Well all I can do is what I can do.

Updates, Stages, Prognosis, Treatment

I have sort of neglected the blog as between work cancer and my personal life and tests I haven’t had too much time. As of now I am diagnosed with Stage III Cancer and have been given a 56% chance of survival by the suggested odds.

The tumor as current is inoperable without crippling my leg. They also believe it is in process of spreading. I am now being treated by Dr Andrew Pecora of the John Thereur Cancer center.  My planned treatment regiment is as follows:

Adriamycin/Doxrubicin & Ifsofamide 4 days in patient. 3 days of 24 hour treatment then coming back in 21 days. 3 Cycles for 3 months. Hopefully reducing the size of the tumor and attacking microscopic spread preemptively. They are also combining treatment with Sutent. Then the plan is surgery. I start treatment Monday,

I plan on burning cancer cells and c hewing bubble gum and I am all out of bubblegum,



The waiting is the worst part + Happy New Years

Well I have neglected the blog for a little as I am prioritizing my time differently the last few days as I am likely in my last normal life period for a while. January is an important month for getting things in order and making contingency plans if necessary. Also not forgetting to LIVE, LOVE and LAUGH has been key in keeping my head straight.

Initially I was denied for all my tests and scans. After a “peer to peer” review I was approved the same day. I go Jan 2nd for Blood Work, Jan 5th for a PET/Ct scan and on the 12th for an MRI then the 22nd to get my prognosis and treatment plans.

38 days after diagnosis I will have a plan, seems so long if time is fleeting. Still I have high hopes for 2018 on the 22nd I guess we will see if my being an optimist for the first time works out