My First Doctors Appointment

We had our intake appointment with Dr Benevenia and his staff today. The intake staff was efficient and they gave me a pair of those 1970s basketball player shorts which turned out to be in a pediatric size. After rectifying the wardrobe malfunction and doing all the usual intake vitals the doctor came in.

The doctor seemed compassionate and delivered his words carefully. They did not have too much new information to add but confirmed likely a major leg surgery and radiation would likely be courses of treatment. They warned that the sciatic nerve is in danger but also noted that until they had the imaging they needed, nothing prognosis wise could be determined.

Blood work, Pet-CT Scan and an MRI were ordered and will now need to be authorized by my insurance company. The hope is I can get in for the testing sometime next week and the results early the following week. The Dr says he doesn’t believe 2 weeks will effect my prognosis much and that a treatment plan would be developed once the tests were complete.

It is frustrating to powerlessly wait for bureaucracy with regards to insurance companies and what is life saving procedure, as well as realizing that things will still be scheduled and move at a pace that is of course less then what I want as a patient. I do have to be understanding and simply go through the process of steps required to get my full staging and prognosis before I can even begin considering some of the more important decisions for my family.

In the meantime since no one knows yet, I will be skipping all the holiday events and such. When you all read this you will know why I wasn’t there. Did not want to bring anyone down during the holiday and want to stay in a positive mind set during this time.

Don’t forget to hug the ones you love. Happy Holidays and Merry Xmas,


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