Goodbye WSOP – Sarcoma Awareness Tour ends?

So I figured this would be a good place to recap whats up with my life lately and the experiences I have had. I will not be releasing the exact financials I will say after over 7 weeks in Vegas, I made more then I spent. That in and of itself was an achievement. My health failed me at the end or I would have made it deeper and probably cashed but watching the final table today I know the truth is my health wouldn’t have held up anyway.  I showed up in Vegas mostly healthy and left on an Oxygen machine. I also got to live my dreams and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.

I did exceed my goals regarding raising awareness for Sarcoma cancer, many people helped my get there from WSOP champs to little guys that shared my posts on social media. We did it! We got on National TV a few times, got interviewed by ESPN and helped teach the world just WTF is SARCOMA. I couldn’t have done any of this on my own. Thank you to those who helped lift me up. Most of my story is out there so I am going to move on to now.

Right now I am in my final weeks for those keeping a death watch, I will not be announcing it. You will likely see some news coverage after as that is the price of being a public figure. I hope my family knows I love them and why I could not key them in on the exact day I was going. The fact is I DO NOT KNOW when I am going. I really am no longer healthy but life also isn’t so miserable that its time to push that final stack into the middle. I am short and that big blind is coming around quick but one can hope we have a Kevin Maas or too between me and it.

I do plan on continuing to play poker whether live when possible or online when not, when I cannot do these things it’ll probably be a good indicator for when its time to go. As far as the media is concerned, I am not doing anymore public appearance or articles. If something powerful enough came along that had a national audience I would consider it for its value to raising awareness.

If you were paying me considerable suitcases of money I could leave behind to my family I might consider it as well but let’s face it who am I? I doubt I will have that issue. Since I didn’t win a million I doubt the book or movie deal is in the works. lol

Tongue firmly planted in cheek,

Kevin “Racks” Roster

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