11-5-2018- New scans results are not good

Newest scan results in today. Chemo was ineffective and treatment is now being discontinued as per medical advice from my Dr. They want me to try something called votrient that has a lot of nasty side effects but could slow growth for 3-4 months, most concerning was a mass that is now 2.5cm on my right lung up from 7mm last time. 2.5 doublings. Due to anatomical position if its the primary metastasis it favors lifespan of 12+ months.

The MRI of leg showed that I now have a 16 x 8 x 7cm mass in the site of the failed surgery. It has doubled 10x in size since 8 weeks ago. They are now concerned if they cant control it that it could end my life within 6 months. Surgical consultation to consider a full amputation could make a candidate for a lung surgery but they can’t guarantee it would work. Lots of tough decisions to be made. Maybe more radiation. Updates as they become available. For now focusing on work and my awareness raising campaign which hits Borgata Nov 8th



An almost win for Poker A Huge Win For Raising Sarcoma Awareness!

Here is me after doing my Chemotherapy on my down week wearing “my what is Sarcoma hat” that I made and finishing 21st/840 at the Parx Big Stax poker tournament, while I did not win that much money I did win big in raising awareness when they ran a brief story about me on the blog. I am having new awareness gear made up and will continue my bucket list quest for a “MAJOR” and to teach people what Sarcoma is. Next week I start chemo again and I have lost all my hair this week but still trying to stay positive and live life.

“Racks” Playing With a Purpose

10-7-2017 Kevin Racks – Raising Awareness For Sarcoma


Now that I have a limited amount of time to live I have decided to follow my dream of pursuing a MAJOR live poker title. Along the way I am hoping to raise awareness for a disease that while uncommon is very real and affects the lives of many people.

I hope I do not annoy people when I sit with them at the poker table I always give them a brief spiel about what Sarcoma is. Had I had ever heard of it there would have been a chance my life could have been saved.

I am not looking for pity I have lived a great life, but if even one person can be saved by this blog than it was worth it. The following are some key facts about  Sarcoma:

  • There are over 150 types of Sarcoma
  • Sarcoma is a cancer of the bone or connective tissues
  • Tissue Sarcoma is referred to as STS or Soft Tissue Sarcoma
  • Sarcoma when caught EARLY is very treatable
  • Many PCP doctors have not heard of nor will ever see a Sarcoma in their practice
  • Over 70% of Sarcomas are found during a surgical procedure on ACCIDENT
  • The most common locations of Sarcoma are the rear compartments of the thigh, biceps but they also can occur anywhere in the arms or legs
  • A Sarcoma can be soft or hard and feels like a lump ranging from the size of a grape to a golf ball, they are often discovered at the site of muscle tears or other traumatic injuries
  • Treatment at a SPECIALIZED Sarcoma Center is important
  • BIOPSY of ANY MASS in your arms and legs is imperative; DO NOT let doctors tell you different
  • Sarcoma that spreads to the lungs and other vital organs leads to an extremely poor prognosis, early detection is key

Google sources like the American Cancer Society and MacmillianUK for more in-depth technical and medical information about Sarcoma. I donate a portion of my winnings voluntarily to St. Judes.

9/28/2018- stage iv soft tissue sarcoma

Well I had what i was told was successful surgery on my leg in june. In light of negative pathology my doctors advised me not to treat. I switched my care to the fox chase cancer center and they redid the path test and found “obviously involved margins”, I was scanned and now have 11 small tumors on my lungs. The prognosis is poor but not hopeless, but I am going to need to put a bad beat on cancer to win this.

The john Theurer cancer center and specifically Dr James Wittig failed to obtain negative margins but the pathologist missed it. I am now restarting chemo with less then a 6% chance of it saving me and no other treatment options. If I was treated initially odds would have been better of  my obtaining a cure or longer survival.

.  Thanks for all the support. Just wanted to update for those who might be following.