9/28/2018- stage iv soft tissue sarcoma

Well I had what i was told was successful surgery on my leg in june. In light of negative pathology my doctors advised me not to treat. I switched my care to the fox chase cancer center and they redid the path test and found “obviously involved margins”, I was scanned and now have 11 small tumors on my lungs. The prognosis is poor but not hopeless, but I am going to need to put a bad beat on cancer to win this.

The john Theurer cancer center and specifically Dr James Wittig failed to obtain negative margins but the pathologist missed it. I am now restarting chemo with less then a 6% chance of it saving me and no other treatment options. If I was treated initially odds would have been better of  my obtaining a cure or longer survival.

.  Thanks for all the support. Just wanted to update for those who might be following.


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