Chemo Brain – Treatments – Updates, Musings

I wanted to take a second to update this on the chance that some of you are following. I went in for 4 days Jan 29th to Feb 2nd. I took the treatments very well and had a temporary PICC line set to receive them. My only side effects seem to be irritability related. They call it chemo brain, and its a change to the function of your brain due to neurotoxicity of chemo. I am mad, also maybe stupid, thanks…lol

Saw Dr Pecora my Medical Oncologist, they had nothing prognostic to tell me. They won’t know until they see if there is a response to the chemo. I started taking Sutent Sunitib Malate as advised by my doctor as well. I still have no side effects but know its very possible they will be setting in soon as everyone keeps reminding me lol.

Next in for chemo more DOXORUBICIN/IFOSAMIDE/MESNA on continuous injection for 4 days. I should be really sick by then too so Dilly Dilly. Well all I can do is what I can do.