11-5-2018- New scans results are not good

Newest scan results in today. Chemo was ineffective and treatment is now being discontinued as per medical advice from my Dr. They want me to try something called votrient that has a lot of nasty side effects but could slow growth for 3-4 months, most concerning was a mass that is now 2.5cm on my right lung up from 7mm last time. 2.5 doublings. Due to anatomical position if its the primary metastasis it favors lifespan of 12+ months.

The MRI of leg showed that I now have a 16 x 8 x 7cm mass in the site of the failed surgery. It has doubled 10x in size since 8 weeks ago. They are now concerned if they cant control it that it could end my life within 6 months. Surgical consultation to consider a full amputation could make a candidate for a lung surgery but they can’t guarantee it would work. Lots of tough decisions to be made. Maybe more radiation. Updates as they become available. For now focusing on work and my awareness raising campaign which hits Borgata Nov 8th



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